Fariba Willison-Behnia, M.D – FBW Gynaecology Plus , Adelaide (Australia)

“It is nonsurgical, non-hormonal, minimally invasive, not painful, non-time-consuming and there is no downtime needed”. It is a new concept for gynaecologists , and It could be the answer to many women’s [and perhaps men’s] problems. Over 70% of women will experience vaginal discomforts at some stage in their lifetime and most will suffer in silence.”

Mickey Karram M.D. – Christ Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio (USA)

“A game changer. I like to use this word because it is fulfilling a huge void for women. Vaginal Atrophy is a huge problem: millions and millions of women are suffering from this, and unfortunately most of them are suffering in silence. A big group of them is composed by young women who can’t even take the medicines, are the breast cancer survivors. MonaLisa® is a very needed therapy for medicine”

Prof. Alberto Calligaro, University of Pavia (Italy)

“Histological studies conducted on women suffering from atrophic vaginitis, have shown that the MonaLisa Touch® treatment with SmartXide² restores the mucosa to a pre-menopausal condition, as it would occur after anoestrogen hormone replacement therapy.”