Dr. Pablo Gonzales Isaza, M.D. – San Jorge University Hospital,Pereira (Colombia)

“I found MonaLisa Touch excellent also for women who have vulvar and perineal discoloration, lack of tone and breeches to the vaginal outlet as well as trophic labia needs. All of my patients who have undergone MonaLisa Touch either have immediate tightening of the vagina and an increased lubrication. After a course of three treatments, the results are expected to last for 12 month and over”

Fariba Willison-Behnia, M.D – FBW Gynaecology Plus , Adelaide (Australia)

“It is nonsurgical, non-hormonal, minimally invasive, not painful, non-time-consuming and there is no downtime needed”. It is a new concept for gynaecologists , and It could be the answer to many women’s [and perhaps men’s] problems. Over 70% of women will experience vaginal discomforts at some stage in their lifetime and most will suffer in silence.”

Mickey Karram M.D. – Christ Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio (USA)

“A game changer. I like to use this word because it is fulfilling a huge void for women. Vaginal Atrophy is a huge problem: millions and millions of women are suffering from this, and unfortunately most of them are suffering in silence. A big group of them is composed by young women who can’t even take the medicines, are the breast cancer survivors. MonaLisa® is a very needed therapy for medicine”

Prof. Alberto Calligaro, University of Pavia (Italy)

“Histological studies conducted on women suffering from atrophic vaginitis, have shown that the MonaLisa Touch® treatment with SmartXide² restores the mucosa to a pre-menopausal condition, as it would occur after anoestrogen hormone replacement therapy.”