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Milan, 19th September 2012 - Today, DEKA, the leading company in the design and production of lasers and light-based systems for medical use, previewed the clinical results relating to the first intravaginal laser treatment against menopause-related disorders: MonaLisa TouchTM.

Encouraging positive preliminary clinical results were drawn from a clinical study involving 50 women suffering from vaginal atrophy who were given treatment at San Raffaele Hospital in Milan. Subsequently to the first treatments using MonaLisa TouchTM, significant improvements were reported with respect to all the main symptoms coupled with major positive implications on the patients' quality of life.

It is a well-known fact that during the climacteric, every organ of a woman's body, including her genital organs, are subject to slow and progressive ageing as a result of the passage of time. The tissues' loss of swelling and hydration in private areas result in poor vaginal lubrication, causing sensations of discomfort due to itchiness, dryness, burning, and even pain during sexual intercourse. Thanks to MonaLisa Touch, all these disorders were found to be reduced in patients after a single course of treatment.

MonaLisa TouchTM is a cutting edge laser treatment controlled by a computer system (exclusive DEKA technology) which, via having a gentle action on tissues, stimulates the production of collagen, improves the functionality of the treated area and re-establishes a correct trophic balance of the vaginal mucosa; women can thereby make peace with themselves and restore right feelings with their partner during their menopause. The treatment is also recommended for the treatment of vaginal tissues following surgery for gynaecological tumours (breast, ovary, uterus, vulva and vagina).

The following persons attended the press conference held by Maria Teresa Ruta: Prof. Calligaro, Professor in Histology and Embriology at Pavia University, Prof. Candiani, Head of Gyneacology at San Raffaele hospital, Doctor Galli, DEKA International Sales and Marketing Manager, Prof. Nappi, Gynaecologist at the University of Pavia, Doctor Salvatore, Urogynaecologist at San Raffaele hospital, and Doctor Zerbinati from the Specialized Polyclinic Medical Centre.

Mauro Galli - DEKA International Sales and Marketing Manager - states: "We're proud to officially present the positive results we obtained thanks to MonaLisa Touch. It's the first laser application in gynaecology for menopause, which has an action on tissues, determines a regenerating action on the aged fibres and brings about the production of new collage: a new cutting edge technology in the service of women, offered by DEKA."

MonaLisa TouchTM is the most advanced vaginal photo-rejuvenation technique available, and it is safe and efficient since it is based on specially designed specific technology. This innovative treatment does not have the collateral effects of pharmacological therapies, and it adjusts the volume reduction of mucous membrane, reshapes it and restores its hydration and elasticity painlessly.

In the course of the press conference, Professor Nappi highlights how, amongst the multiple situations affecting the quality of life of a woman over 50, that which is caused by the intimate sphere is very closely linked with the vaginal atrophy issue, and is often overlooked in spite of its relevance for personal well-being and the well-being of a couple.