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The new cutting edge DEKA technology in the service of women for a natural treatment counteracting the ageing of the vaginal mucosa.

MonaLisa TouchTM is a mini-invasive and permanent laser method which stands out as a revolutionary therapy for the treatment of the effects of the passage of time on internal tissues of female genitals.
Through one of the most advanced photo-rejuvenation techniques, the new technology consists of a safe and efficient method based on an innovative system known as the SmartXide2.

It guarantees reliability and an outstandingly high level of performance thanks to a CO2 laser source which emits an impulse, and it is specially designed for such treatments.
The innovative use of the fractioned laser can help restore trophic conditions in the vulvo-vaginal area.

In addition, it does not cause collateral effects like hormone-based pharmacological therapies, and it is also an appropriate treatment for vaginal tissues following surgery for gynaecological tumours (breast, ovary, uterus, vulva and vagina).
During the complex menopause period, the vagina is subject to a loss of swelling and hydration of tissues which consequently cause sensations of discomfort.

Vulvar itchiness, dryness, burning and pain during sexual intercourse are some of the symptoms at the root of physical discomfort which often ends up compromising the quality of everyday life.

MonaLisa TouchTM naturally and painlessly overcomes vaginal atrophy and symptoms associated therewith, triggering physiological processes and mechanisms similar to those used to slow down ageing of facial soft skin and reduce signs of the passage of time.
The action of cutting edge lasers controlled by appropriate computer systems (exclusive DEKA technology) effectively regenerates the fibres weakened by age while inducing the production of new collagen. By using this method, the volume of the mucosa can be adjusted, reshaping it and restoring the hydration and elasticity in an efficient and painless way.
All this is made possible thanks to D-Pulse, the impulse created by DEKA which, through a special scanning system, is able to create any island of vaginal tissue denaturation , surrounded by tissue left unchanged, according to which the fractional treatment is defined.
D-Pulse, a specially designed specific technology, represents the best method of treatment for vaginal walls composed of the mucosa, a delicate tissue with a highly regenerative capacity, for which it is absolutely essential to use an impulse that is neither ultra pulsed (too "cold" and deep) nor super pulsed (too "hot" and superficial). Its action vaporizes a small part of the mucosa, that which is the most keratinized, to then spread the right amount of heat to produce a sufficient controlled denaturation. Regeneration of the tissue is thereby stimulated without any trauma and with the right amount of laser energy.

The treatment - which may be defined as the new cutting edge vulvo-vaginal treatment - brings about an improvement of physical conditions and enables women to get back a safe and peaceful femininity through general improvement of quality of life, including with respect to their relationship with their partner.