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Laser therapy that reduces problems associated with menopause wins over Italian women
who describe the resulting improvements in their lives. 

Six Italian women, going through menopause for at least 5 years, describe their experiences of the physical changes and problems they faced in their private and sexual lives.  This is a brief survey that reveals the most intimate discomforts of menopause and how they were resolved with the innovative MonaLisa Touch vaginal laser therapy.  

From north to south, the interviews showed that vaginal dryness, pain during intercourse and mild incontinence are the disorders dealt with on a daily basis.  The situations are often exacerbated by deep discomfort and inability to talk about these issues with one's partner, affecting the psychology of the woman who feels deprived of her femininity.

The cases seen describe women who experienced these problems for years and were able to get back to a normal life with their partners and eliminate the annoying problems of menopause thanks to the MonaLisa Touch treatment, the new CO2 laser therapy that regenerates the tissues of the vulvo-vaginal area.


Floriana, 57, menopausal for 8 years
Accountant - married for 22 years
Clinical Dr. Perino - Palermo
"I entered menopause eight years ago.  At first the situation was not problematic, then it started to become difficult to have sex with my husband because I felt a sharp pain.  No therapy was effective and intercourse was so painful that I started to feel uncomfortable with my husband, I almost didn't feel like I was a woman.
I tried MonaLisa Touch following the advice of Dr. Perino and after three sessions I can say that I feel really good!
A word of advice to all ladies in my situation: menopause is not a disease and can be accepted less passively to rediscover your femininity. I did it and I can say that I feel younger!"

Irene, 57, menopausal for 7 years
Villa Bianca Dr. Piccoli - Naples
Lawyer - Single
"I discovered MonaLisa Touch in the studio of Dr. Piccoli where I saw an advertisement, so I decided to talk about the problems that had started to appear a few years after I entered menopause. My daily life was affected by it: vaginal dryness had made sexual intercourse uncomfortable and the mild incontinence which I suffered from also affected my work life.
The therapy proved to be a real surprise: the dryness has improved and the loss of urine is greatly reduced.
I am an innovative and extremely curious person, this led me to experiment with a therapy that I did not know and I am fully satisfied by it. I knew that my problems were part of a natural process related to ageing but I had the chance to improve the situation and I did it with pleasure."

Violetta, 62, menopausal for 8 years
"Active" grandmother - married for 35 years
Careggi University Hospital - Florence
"It was my gynaecologist who first talked to me about MonaLisa Touch.  With this treatment I resolved the problems related to menopause that I suffered from, especially vaginal dryness.  I had suffered from these problems for a few years and had tried everything: creams, treatments but with no result, sometimes the pain was so strong that it was even difficult to walk.  This laser therapy allowed me to regain my physical and mental well-being after the first session.
Menopause should be accepted because it is a natural process but if we can resolve the problems that make it difficult to be a woman after your forties, why not do it? Many women of my age have facelifts to look younger and more beautiful, I underwent this treatment to feel better and I got results that allowed me to feel 10 years younger and to improve the quality of my life."

Rita , 50 years old, going through induced menopause
She works in a school - married
State Hospital of San Marino
"I entered 'forced' menopause because I had undergone chemotherapy sessions.  I entered menopause from one month to the next and immediately my biggest problem was vaginal dryness.  Not being able to use hormones or other drugs, the MonaLisa Touch laser therapy proved to be the only solution for cell renewal.
I'm still undergoing the treatment but I can confirm that immediately after the first session the burning and discomfort were reduced.  
When it comes to menopause, natural or forced, the body is strongly affected by this new change: the tissue changes and vaginal dryness can sometimes be almost crippling.  After what I went through, I needed to feel good about myself and my body again and MonaLisa Touch really helped me."

Serena, 53, menopausal for three years
Employed - married for 35 years
State Hospital of San Marino
"My problem was pain during sexual intercourse. At first I did not give great importance to this uncomfortable situation, I had not even talked to my husband about it because I preferred not to involve him.  I went through this problem alone.  
I read about MonaLisa Touch in a local newspaper and I realised that my problem affected many women and that it was possible to cure it.  So I finally decided to talk to my gynaecologist who immediately set up the first session for me.
When you enter menopause, several problems arise even in terms of the relationship with your partner.  I am aware of the passing of the years but I love my husband and knowing that things are not quite as they were when we first met, I think it is very important to maintain the vitality of our life as a couple."

SABRINA, 47, mild stress incontinence
State employee - has lived with her partner for 10 years
State Hospital of San Marino
"I sought advice from my gynaecologist because I suffered from mild urinary incontinence.  The doctor recommended the MonaLisa Touch laser therapy which has actually reduced the losses.
I had suffered from mild incontinence for a few years, making certain situations very uncomfortable.  I'm still in therapy but fully satisfied with the visible improvements in my life due to MonaLisa Touch."

In Italy, the innovative therapy has been tried by over 500 patients who underwent it in different public and private clinics throughout Italy.  Women undergoing the therapy were aged between 40 and 75, going through menopause that was natural or induced by cancer therapy.

Over 1,000 treatments performed confirm the effectiveness of the intravaginal laser therapy that in 80% of cases improved the quality of life of patients, reducing the main symptoms such as burning, itching, dryness, laxity and pain during sexual intercourse.

Developed in Tuscany, MonaLisa Touch therapy is a technique that is rapidly spreading around the world where over 10,000 cases have been treated in about twenty countries including Central America, Latin America, Scandinavia, Poland, Russia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia.