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Menopause: 6 italian women reveal the most intimate problems and how they were resolved by using laser therapy

Laser therapy that reduces problems associated with menopause wins over Italian women
who describe the resulting improvements in their lives. 

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Menopause and sexuality: social perception is more negative than biological reality.

Understanding what menopause means for every woman. Understanding which change, which loss bothers her the most. Whether the maternity function, aesthetics, or sexual activity, social perception is always more negative than the biological reality would require.

This is, in a nutshell, what Willy Pasini explained during his lecture at the seminar "Uomini a lezione di menopausa" (Menopause lessons for men), a meeting organised by DEKA to help couples overcome the difficulties related to this biological event.

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What men in 9 countries think about their menopausal partners. A study on 4,000 couples

84% of men are interested in sharing their partners' problems; however, 50% of women prefer keeping them for themselves. These are the results of the study presented during the seminar "Uomini a lezione di menopausa" (Menopause lessons for men) sponsored by DEKA.

Sex life after forty is an issue for over 4 women out of 10. This is the result of a European study on 4000 couples, about to be published. According to this study, 50% of women either cannot bring themselves to talk about it or find it hard and embarrassing to do; on the other hand, 84% of men want to be informed about the discomfort experienced by their partner during menopause.
One major problem during menopause is vaginal atrophy.

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